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Now in our 25th year . . .

    What's Special about the "Specialists"    
  Information Station Specialists, founded in 1983, provides an average of 65% of all traveler information stations, emergency and highway advisory radio systems installed in the United States. It is the only company whose full-time business is dedicated strictly to that endeavor.    

ISS Experience Makes All the Difference


Performance-Related Exclusives

ISS supports every system it offers for the life of the product and still provides no-cost support for products installed in the 1980s, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

In today's world, stability is important. Information Station Specialists has been under the same company name and management throughout its history and has been at the same contact address and telephone number continuously for more than 20 years.

ISS personnel average more than 14 years of experience per person in the provision of information radio systems.

ISS is fast. After 9/11, one city near New York licensed, purchased and installed a complete Emergency Advisory Radio System from ISS in fewer than 15 days. ISS can provide licensing and equipment for emergencies within hours.

ISS systems and components are not proprietary but based on conventional, open-market designs, wiring and mounting. This makes future upgrades and service simple.

ISS tailors products to many applications: emergency management, parks/recreation, transportation, tourism and offer licensed products for all. Offerings include not only radio but also signs to announce it.

Temporary Solutions
ISS provides an exclusive rental service -- Radio Express -- for fairs, festivals, sporting events and conventions to broadcast parking, direction and event schedules.

True Turnkey
ISS provides a true "turnkey" solution. Installation quotes, unless otherwise noted, are priced with all hardware (including support poles) and services (including installation of electrical and telephone services). ISS does not ask the buyer to provide his/her own antenna poles and electrical and telephone installation work. ISS does not ask the client to prepare the transmitter sites. We do these things as part of our standard turnkey package.


See "Notable 'Firsts'" at the bottom of this page.

Bill Baker, Founder & CEO
See the story of ISS' founding:
"20+Years of Service Have Implications for Today."
Product Exclusives

Flexible Antenna Installation
ISS licensed radio systems provide a complete, inexpensive and flexible antenna system. ISS offers 4 different antenna/groundplane styles, none of which require 100-foot-radius grounding wires or ground rods that emit chemicals into the soil. This allows simple, safe antenna installation on building roofs, in adjacent yards and at locations where no buildings are available.

Advanced Transmitters
ISS' 10-watt transmitter is unique. It is the only transmitter of its kind that features synthesized operation, so changes in frequency don't require surgery

Advanced Audio
ISS' most popular radio systems include the NX8R Digital Message Player, which is the apex of quality, flexibility and capacity. The NX8R allows for complete program control, affording the operator local or remote operation, 1,000 messages, high quality recording, external feed integration, automatic station identification and many more features -- all supported by nonvolatile memory.

Emergency Management Orientation
When used for emergency management applications, ISS products shine. Only ISS ALERT AM, RoadRunnR and RESPONDER1 products offer a NOAA All-Hazard Receiver that reacts to all current NOAA hazard codes and may be programmed for up to 5 counties, automatically interrupting broadcasts with critical localized information for listeners. The receiver is the only one on the market that may be field programmed to be updated with the latest NA hazard codes and new protocols. Additionally, these products come stocked with prerecorded messages, tailored to local emergency management.

Unique Signs
ISS offers
affordable signage products to help announce your radio signal to motorists, featuring exclusive embedded LEDs to grab attention, when situations are urgent. 

Creativity in Portability
ISS created the first portable advisory radio system for Caltrans back in the 1980s, and
portable systems are our claim to fame today. We offer custom portable systems for utility trailers and vans as well as for mobile command centers.

More Product-Related Exclusives


An Array of Services and Technical Support
Complete Array of Services
  • FCC licensing.
  • FCC field studies.
  • Frequency searches.
  • Installation.
  • Operation instructions.
  • Parts & repairs.
  • Planning assistance.
  • Professional message recording.
  • Site visits via our network of representatives.
  • System integration and customization.

See the "Services" drop-down menu at the top of every webpage.

ISS offers customers technical support by phone/email for the life of the product at no extra charge.


sample cudo for ISS Service

Wyandotte, Michigan, emergency managers expressed grateful appreciation to ISS field tech Tom Coviak (left) for his expert advice, when their primary station operator unexpectedly died. Over the phone, Coviak helped them quickly reinstate station operations.
Special Customers Like this Cross-Section
  • Airports, e.g., Detroit Metro, Hartsfield Atlanta.
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Community Emergency Operations Centers across the US (see map)
  • Crazy Horse Mountain Carving
  • Department of Homeland Security Border Crossings, e.g., Mexico, Canada
  • Departments of Transportation, e.g., Caltrans, Washington State
  • Major golf tournaments
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Lake Ponchartrain Causeway, New Orleans
  • Los Alamos County & Lab, New Mexico
  • Mackinac Bridge
  • Miami Fire/Rescue Department
  • National Parks (see a partial list)
  • Tennessee Valley Authority - Land Between the Lakes
  • Universities, e.g., Texas Tech, SUNY Buffalo, U of MD, UCLA
  • US Military Bases, e.g., Fort Bragg, Fort Lewis, Coast Guard Stations

How some view ISS:

  • Cudo 1 - Wildland Residents Association.
  • Cudo 2 - National Park Service.
  • Cudo 3 - Antelope Valley, California.
  • Cudo 4 - State University of New York at Buffalo.
  • Cudo 5 - West Point, Utah.
  • Cudo 6 - Utah Department of Transportation.
  • Cudo 7 - Texas Tech.


A Few Happy Customers
Highway Advisory Radios Travelers Information Stations
Emergency Advisory Radio Interpretive Information
ISS Landmarks
Radio systems that challenge conventional theories of equipment deployment and installation

Portable highway advisory radio station for the California Department of Transportation.

Factory-assembled antenna groundplane/mat (see
PowerPlane, US Patent 5,495.261). 

Traveler information station on in-band AM frequencies for the National Park Service. (See National Park Installations; see also exclusive features Information Station.)

Expanded-coverage highway advisory radio stations: SuperStation3000.

Universally portable highway advisory radio stations.

Trailer-mounted highway advisory radio stations with flashing advisory signs and portable groundplanes (see Portable ISS Radio Systems).

Synchronized highway advisory radio stations.

Traveler information station radio program format (hear TravelTalk Radio).

Computer control of highway advisory radio networks, StationMasterâ„¢ software. (See the ITS6000 HAR System.)

Twenty-four hour hotline to serve customers via phone for the life of the product, 24/7 (see ISS Contacts webpage).

Full-service AM advisory radio systems website and newsletter.

Emergency Advisory Radio System with siren, NOAA Emergency Alert System/Weather Radio interfacing and station network synchronization with simulcast audio: ALERT AM Emergency Advisory Radio System.

Large real-time multi-station grouping of synchronized AM Emergency Advisory Stations.

Portable Emergency Advisory Radio System with programmable NOAA EAS/Weather interfacing (see the Gallatin case study and/or portable products).

Integrated AM antenna system requiring no groundplane (see Vertical Profile Antenna System). Patented in 2006.

Radio Express, an exclusive radio station rental service for fairs, festivals, sporting events and conventions to broadcast parking, directions and event schedules.

Wireless audio linking system to distribute audio to synchronized AM transmitter locations. The first MP3-based information stations for creative applications.

NX8R Digital Message Player with high quality recording.


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