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The Information Station
Classic and MP3 Editions
Airports use Information Stations to broadcast parking info
The Information Station is the most installed, most versatile and best overall value for general advisory radio purposes. Broadcast informational messages over a 25-75 square mile (3-5 mile radius) area, i.e., interpretive overviews, directions, schedules of events, rules and regulations, emergency instructions.

Options include . . .

* Telephone- or computer-controlled audio.
* A variety of antenna mounting styles.
* Professional recording services.
* Customizable signs to announce the station(s) to motorists
According to the February 2008 "America's Byways Bulletin" (Vol. 5, No. 1), "The Federal Highway Administration is now seeking grant proposals for National Scenic Byways Program funding consideration for FY 2008. SAFETEA-LU authorized up to $40 million for this fiscal year. FHWA has decided to be more strategic in its grant awards process by targeting its resources toward projects that provide the greatest benefits. FHWA is particularly focusing on projects with demonstrated benefits for the byway traveler and invites the application of large-scale, high-cost projects that provide strategic benefits to the byway. Applications are due to FHWA division offices by April 11, 2008, and to FHWA headquarters by May 9, 2008.

"The National Scenic Byways Program team has prepared a new document, National Scenic Byways Program FY 2008 Grant Information, and will be hosting small group discussions to enhance interaction and encourage byway coordinators and division offices to ask questions prior to submission deadlines. Byway coordinators and division offices will be notified via e-mail as to the times, dates and call-in numbers for these discussions.

"For both seasoned and first time applicants, please remember that submitting an application is a two-step process, and includes registering your organization with The details of this registration process can be found on the website (see Because there are a number of steps involved, we encourage you to begin now! For more information on submitting an application to the National Scenic Byways Program for funding consideration, please see"


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