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Portable Advisory Radio Station
Radio Express Temporary AM Radio Stations Advisory radio systems for events and tourism
Expressly for special events or emergencies, Radio Express is a noncommercial radio information service that can broadcast event schedules, instructions, directions,  rules/safety/parking and traffic info as well as live programming to attendees as far away as 5 miles. Listeners pick up the radio signal on their car radios or onsite on personal receivers.

Radio Express can be a convenience or a lifesaver. If the event is affected by bad weather or an emergency, Radio Express can be the primary means of communication with patrons, orchestrating an orderly evacuation from parking areas, should it be necessary.

Radio Express is a complete, licensed radio system with 3-5 mile range and is designed to be weatherproof. It has a quick-erect stand and antenna system that allows event personnel to set up quickly.

Portable signs announcing the signal are available, too.

ISS provides technical support and can even include prerecorded messages by professional announcers and/or technical/talent to operate the service for your event.

Radio Express and associated services are available by the week or by the month in all 50 states.
The Information Station is the most installed, most versatile and best overall value for general advisory radio purposes. Broadcast informational messages over a 25-75 square mile (3-5 mile radius) area, i.e., interpretive overviews, directions, schedules of events, rules and regulations, emergency instructions.

Options include . . .

* Telephone- or computer-controlled audio.
* A variety of antenna mounting styles.
* Professional recording services.
* Customizable signs to announce the station(s) to motorists
Designed for public health emergencies, RadioSTAT is a noncommercial, FCC-licensed, radio information station used to broadcast live or recorded instructions directly to the public. RadioSTAT can be used as the primary means of dissemination of public information during emergencies and their aftermaths.

RadioSTAT's ready-to-go design includes a quick-erect antenna system and all electronics in a standard weather-resistant (Pelican) case.

Listeners pick up the radio signal on vehicle radios or personal receivers. Portable FASTrack road signs direct them to the appropriate frequencies to tune to.

Each RadioSTAT station covers a 25-75 square-mile area (3-5 mile radius range).

ISS provides technical support and prerecorded messages by professional announcers to help you operate.
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