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    computer controlled radio stations
'Alert' stations blanket the US. See  those near you. Familiarize yourself with emergency funding resources to ensure you get your fair share. The Information Station, ISS' most affordable radio station, now offers even more value in a new MP3 Edition. Control radio broadcasts from a computer.
  National Mall AM radio antenna system
Information Stations 'make waves' via interpreters - free, educational CD. ISS' patented Vertical Profile Antenna System is rated to meet increased coastal hurricane wind-speed requirements (150 MPH), proposed for South Florida and other coastal areas. "Direct connect" to those you protect," advice for emergency managers from the International Association of Emergency Managers. The Washington Monument's Vertical Profile Antenna System illustrates how a specific-area radio station's antenna can be integrated at a historic site with minimum aesthetic impact.
Rent your own radio station with Radio Express. 2006: The Federal Highway Administration and US Department of Transportation commission a study on “Communicating with the Public Using Advanced Traveler Information Systems During Disasters.” Communities use radio during the hurricanes & blackouts of 2003. Port Authorities need quick, effective security solutions.
"In-FARM-ation" radio interprets current and cultural community messages across Skagit Valley over 1630 AM.   FCC extends license term to 10 years. FCC implements rule: how soon stations must be built after licensed.
ISS emergency stations incorporate all EAS codes in targeted broadcasts. AM Radio becomes EMA radio with external controls. UT DOT uses radio for 2002 Winter Olympics. ISS offers airports free support in 9/11 aftermath.
Case Studies . . .
for Emergency Advisory Radio Stations . . .
Fort Bend County, TX, acquires largest synchronized, multi-station grouping in the USA. Los Alamos  County, NM, acquires dual ALERT AM stations due to danger potential & limited evacuation options. CA's San Marcos Pass Volunteer Fire Dept shares how to acquire & manage an Emergency Advisory Radio System. Puyallup, Washington, prepares for Mount Rainier lahar emergencies and more.
SUNY-Buffalo University uses radio for emergencies and daily on-campus traffic communications. Avalon, NJ, garners FEMA grant to fund ALERT AM system acquisition. Portable stations assist during Gallatin County, MT flood. Battle Creek, MI, assists Hurricane Katrina evacuees & plans multi-station grouping.
Orlando, Florida, talks about their computer-controlled ALERT AM station. Miami alerts motorists across the city in many languages. For Umatilla Army Depot in north central OR, Portable Advisory Radio Stations operate in conjunction with chemical weapons destruction work. Part 1: Customer's guide on creating an emergency station in Antelope Valley, CA.
Part 2: How it proves critical during wildfires.
Amidst hazardous industries in nearby Detroit and Canada, Grosse Ile Township, a cluster of islands, acquires a station. One person creates a station on a 'shoestring' in Kettering, OH. Emergency station doubles as county information-central in Pescadero, CA. Island resort Brigantine Beach, NJ, opts for a new Emergency Advisory Station and successfully weathers Hurricane Isabel.
Portable stations help MT DOT manage traffic during wildfires. Naperville, IL, flood leaves residents & motorists isolated except for radio. How & why Union Beach, NJ, established an emergency station.  
for Tourism Stations . . .
Pacific States Marine Fisheries puts Information Stations to work. A series of advisory radio stations attracts & informs visitors at Upper Delaware Scenic River. Archway Monument draws 'too many' tourists. Crazy Horse speaks.
for Highway Advisory Radio Stations . . .
PA Turnpike proves traveling might well be worth a few tolls.  Ohio DOT advises in real time, while highway renovation is underway.    
TechTalk . . .
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A webpage has been designed especially for ISS radio system operators. Emergency-Station Broadcast Planning with an IP8 Digital Message Player Maintaining an Advisory Radio Station Understanding Skywave
Placing Road Signs Groundplane Installation & Use AP55 Digital Message Programmer Tips Wattmeter Use

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