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Your questions and concerns are important to us. Contact any of the team members given below, quickly and easily via email or phone. Our base phone number (right) and postal and shipping address also appear at the bottom of every ISS web page. 

For technical support after 5 PM Eastern Time, call ISS at 616.772.2300 and press 7.
See answers to frequently asked AM radio questions.
Usually the best first point of contact is sales manager Bill Baker (Extension 102) who can help you compare products and services to see which are appropriate for your application. He serves as official ISS "quote master" on pricing. He also performs frequency searches to see what's available in your desired listening area.
Personal Planning Assistance    
Linda Folland (Extension 101) as communications manager designs and develops ISS literature and the website and can provide you pricing and planning steps by email, fax or even "snail" mail, if you prefer. Linda is also responsible for general communication with ISS manufacturer representatives across the US and with ISS headquarters personnel. Let her know if you're uncertain whom to contact for the type of assistance you need.
Info in Any Form You Choose    
Project manager Tom Coviak (Extension 104) takes orders from their entry points through completion, setting project timelines, scheduling site visits and consulting with contractors on jobs. This "answer man" also manages ISS' customer service hotline. Let Tom know if you have a technical question about a system already in place.
Project Management    
In addition to preparing and testing equipment here at home, James Garboske (Extension 107) serves as field manager, installing radio systems and training customers remotely. James is the "go-to guy" for answering questions long distance about how to operate, maintain and troubleshoot your station, in keeping with ISS' mission to provide customers technical support for the life of the product.
Onsite Technicians    
Bob Bateman (Extension 105) can tell you about ISS products and make sure you have the information you need. His specialty is providing professional recording services and Radio Express portable radio station rentals from ISS. Bob also works to make sure your station's licensing is done properly and on time.
Among his many responsibilities, product and research manager Geoff Penna (Extension 106) oversees ISS research and development, testing and fabrication. He can take your part or repair order and answer your technical questions. He's our "Geoff" of all trades.
Accounting manager Megan Baker (Extension 103) administers payables and receivables. Call her to coordinate bookkeeping and accounting issues.

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