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listen to a nx8r demo

Download a WAV file that compares NX8R quality to originally used ISS digital players. Note: audio quality presented is not representative of quality when received over AM radio.

Professional Recording Services

Recording services are free for 30 days on new ISS systems. See the webpage.

  Designed for fixed and portable ISS specific-area radio systems, the NX8R Digital Message Player allows the user to record up to 1000 broadcast messages and store 80 minutes of recordings in nonvolatile flash memory. This means, no message (battery) backup is required. Additionally, NX8R provides 8 external contacts to initiate various message playlists, live audio segments and event sequences. This exciting new product is a direct upgrade to earlier RAM-based ISS digital message players (AP55 and IP8) with similar protocols and command sets, so relearning is kept to a minimum.

Standard Features
  • Voicemail-style natural voice operation with 800-word/phrase capability; voice prompts and status report on available recording time, sequences, security codes, programming parameters and complete status of current audio program, relay states, power.

  • Identical remote and local control codes.

  • High quality (16-bit sampling rate) recording process, yielding 5500-Hz dynamic range.

  • One thousand independent broadcast messages that may be of any length. Each message may be independently monitored and later erased, as desired.

  • Automatic message scheduling by time, day, date. Internal time clock never requires setting, keeping time even with total loss of power.

  • Fifty message playlists that may contain hundreds of broadcast messages, up to three live sources (each with independent timing control), command for up to four external relays, other (nested) playlists and differing output levels for each audio output. Playlists may be created, recreated or appended locally or remotely.

  • Selection of active playlist locally or remotely.

  • Eighty minutes of recordable time in dynamic flash memory.

  • Three audio inputs for separate and independent live program feeds, each with independent audio level controls.

  • Three audio outputs with audio levels settable locally, remotely or programmed to change automatically.

  • One- to nine-digit security access code, defeat-able phone prompting, programmable locally or remotely. User-settable number of retries and timeout period for maximum security.

  • Five-second and full-message survey monitoring of all stored messages and playlists.

  • Eight prioritized control closures to trigger message sequences remotely.

  • Control closure prioritization allows automatic interrupts for emergency messages and automatic National Weather Service all-hazard radio notifications (weather and EAS).

  • Includes prerecorded messages by professional announcer for advisory radio application -- ready for broadcast immediately.

  • Station identification message broadcasts every half-hour.

  • Rack mountable, slim design, 1 RU in height.

  • Option: Two-way redundant control, which allows full control of the NX8R Digital Message Player via push-to-talk style transceivers (not included) in parallel with and having priority over telephone control. The two-way, redundant control option uses the same commands and protocols as telephone control, including the same voice prompts and control options.

Cost  $2,995 plus $495 for the optional 2-way redundant control (described above).


This page was last updated: May 05, 2008. 

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